Friday, December 28, 2012


As Salam. 


What is the meaning of school? Goshhh, guess that the time is running so fast. The time is always so jealous on me. It kept moving and running so fast so that I cannot enjoy my holiday a lot. Oh shit man~ Jelly jelly jelly! Hate it. 

Whyyyy school? Why meee? Whyy whyyy?

Hehehe. Next year is my serious year. Killer year. SPM ! Wait, next year??? Next week dudeee!! Fishh fishh fishhh oil fishh ball fishhhh maaann, fishh! 

Puihhh! Hmmm. Okay, aina, be serious. I want to be a better person. The one with wisdom, the one with success, the one with maturity, the one with smile :)

11A+ SPM 2013. Ameen~


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